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Imagine stepping onto a warm, heated floor on a cold morning. That is what electric heated floors aim to provide you. Electric heated floors are generally designed to be supplemental heating systems installed in single rooms where you want to have added heat without the added expense of running your HVAC system at a higher rate. Used alone or with another heating system, electric heated floors can provide you with the comfort of keeping your feet extra cozy in the cold season.

Have you ever had a room that felt warmer than other areas of your home? Does it feel like the temperature in your property isn’t consistent? Unfortunately, these issues are common with the standard heating systems used in homes today. If you want something that produces more consistent temperatures for your family, an electric heated floor is the answer. Say goodbye to those uneven home temps and say hello to constant comfort! The experts at Siena Flooring Inc. want to help you understand how heated floors can be the next best thing your home requires.

To start the process, you begin with a clean, dry substrate that is ready for your final flooring choice. The mats can be installed using a thin-set mortar, like the type used with tile, or they can be placed on an underlayment, depending on the type of system you choose. You can also use a system of membranes and wires, using the membrane to hold down the wires by looping the wires back and forth across the floor. A licensed electrician will then hardwire the heating system to a programable thermostat. All you have to do is set it up to come on when you want it and turn it down when you are not at home.

Tile floors work very well with electric floor heaters. This is a great product for any tile floor but is highly beneficial for bathroom floors. It adds warmth to your floors and rooms as well as adds to the saleability of your home. The product’s cost is dependent on the size of the floor and other requirements it will take to install. We sell the Cosy Floor System here at Siena Flooring Inc. and also offer tile installation when you get our supply and installation package. However, if electrical floor heating isn’t for you, we suggest you switch your flooring to something not quite as cold as tiles like linoleum or vinyl. This won’t give you the added warmth in-floor heating gives, but it will help make your flooring feel a little more comfortable to walk on in the colder months.

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