Kieth Brickley

Author: Mock Webware |

After waiting many months for another company to replace some water-damaged hardwood, I decided to look elsewhere. I (luckily) dropped by Siena Flooring and explained my problem to Andrea Little, their Project Coordinator. She immediately agreed to an assessment of the job by their hardwood expert, Tim. He was at my home within an hour and provided me with a frank evacuation of the process and the effort involved. I accepted and the repairs were scheduled for November 5, at 9:00 am. Tim arrived right on time, reviewed the tasks with me again and proceeded with the repairs using leftover hardwood I had. When he was finished, I could not tell there had ever been a problem since the repairs were done so expertly. I have only one word for his work - phenomenal! Without hesitation, I would recommend Siena Flooring for any needed flooring requirements.